Spring 2021 By-Election!

Meet your candidates:

Hemvir Singh


Hi, my name is Hemvir Singh, I’m an international student studying Auto Collision and Refinishing, and I’m running for Chairperson’s position.

In this past year you had given me the opportunity to serve you and I have enjoyed being in a role of Broadway Campus Representative. In this role I’ve developed and refined my skills by being actively being involved in promoting campaigns, implementing (virtual)events, and coordinating with other student unions’ across BC. I believe with this more developed and refined skill set, I’m to ready to serve you all as a chairperson.

I am passionate about making your experience at VCC as enriching as possible. VCC has such a diverse environment and I believe that we must celebrate, learn more about and appreciate our diversity and increase our inclusiveness. I would be honored if anyone of you chose to vote for me!

Ken Nguyen 

Director of Events

Ken was born in Saigon, Vietnam and began his international student journey in Canada when he was 15. Come to Vancouver Community College (VCC) for a major in Hospitality Management; he is amazed by the cultural diversity of the people in college, which has perfectly aligned with his interest in exploring new cultures and advocating for international students. Within a successful volunteer experience in the non-profit sector, he is excited to bring new growth opportunities and leadership from what he has observed from our local and global communities to VCC campuses.

Human Rights, Environment and Personal Health & Wellness are Ken’s top three priorities when planning for student events’ success. He is looking forward to influencing those elements to our college’s future events and campaigns. Ken believes students should deserve more than what they pay for. High-quality education and vibrant campus life are the most powerful weapons that help students easily enrich their academic evolution.

As a current SUVCC volunteer, Ken would like to give back more to his student community, where he believes students always deserve to be heard, seen, and loved by all means.

Leanne Quong 

Women Students’ Representative

It is with great pleasure that I am running for Women Student’s Representative. This campaign and initiatives are designed to serve and impact positive change at VCC. My name is Leanne Quong from the HOSP Degree Program, Term-7. As your representative, my deepest commitment to you is to ensure that your valuable perspectives and interests are represented equitably on the Board of Directors. My pledge to you is of the following aims:

  • Enhance Quality of Life. Wouldn’t it be great if we can work hard and play hard? Let’s implement fun events, celebrate each other, and get involved in girly activities.
  • Improve Mental Wellness. As a health and wellness guru, I can help you focus more on self-care of body, mind and spirit. Who’s up for yoga, spa days, vision boards, and gratitude journals?
  • Promote Gender Equality.Activities that trend towards diversity, equity, and inclusion to prepare you for your endeavours.
  • Empower Women Voices. Flex your “woman power” muscles! Pump up the confidence in public speaking, active listening, and body language exercises.

As a woman who has transformed from a mouse into a lion with integrity and authenticity, I am your ideal Women’s Representative. Let me show you.

Every year the SUVCC holds an election for students interested in running for the Board of Directors. Students can put their name forward to be a representative. Interested students must fill out a Nomination Form, read the policies, and have their form completed prior to the ending of the Nomination Period.

What is a Director?

A director is a VCC student who is interested in being a part of deciding how the Students’ Union should be run, what events happen, what campaigns and services are offered, and more!

Who is Eligible?

Any member of the SUVCC that is in good standing with the college is eligible to run to represent their peers.

What are the roles & responsibilities of a Director?

Once a student has successfully won their election they are a Director, and the Directors make up SUVCC’s Board of Directors. Directors are the students that have been elected to govern the affairs of the Students’ Union of Vancouver Community College. The Board of Directors sets the goals and strategic direction of the SUVCC, and they create and review all the major decisions that affect how the SUVCC represents and serves its members–including how we enhance student life at VCC!

It is a simple process to run in an election. If you have any questions, you can email elections@suvcc.ca.

Election Details

Nomination Period: March 29 – April 09, 2021
Campaign Period: April 19 – April 23, 2021
Online Voting: April 26 – April 30, 2021

List of Vacant Positions on the Board of Directors available for election:

  • Annacis Island Campus Representative [vacant]
  • Chairperson [vacant]
  • Broadway Campus Representative (2) [2 vacancies]
  • Director of College Affairs [vacant]
  • Director of Events [vacant]
  • Indigenous Students’ Representative [vacant]
  • Queer Students’ Representative [vacant]
  • Women Students’ Representative

Join us as a Director and help make a difference at VCC and in the student community!