Professional DevelopmentSupporting the students of VCC.

What We Do Providing access, well-being and support.

Looking for professional development courses or training to attend? At the students’ union, we work hard to ensure that our members have the option to attend professional courses or training at a discounted rate.  

Free Printing

Members of SUVCC get to print up to 150 sheets free each semester! You can drop by during our office hours and print from our computers, or submit a print request from the comfort of your home.

Health & Dental

The Students’ Union administers an extended health and dental plan to make health coverage more accessible and affordable for students. The coverage is offered by Green Shield Canada, and supports students to maintain high quality of health and ensures that you are covered when medical emergencies come up.

Students’ Advocate

The Students’ Union of VCC Students’ Advocate provides a safe, confidential and informal environment for students to discuss conflicts, complaints or disputes. The Students’ Advocate can provide support and assistance with the interpretation of VCC policies and procedures.

Student Legal Assistance

Do you need legal advice, but a lawyer is too expensive? Need help filling out legal paper work but don’t know where to get assistance? SUVCC provides Free 24/7 telephone legal advice on most major types of law, identity theft assistance, review of simple legal documents and referral to local lawyers at a discounted rate.

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The U-Pass BC is a discounted, unlimited transit pass available to eligible students. The result of successful advocacy from your Students’ Union and student associations across Metro Vancouver.

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