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U-PAss Understanding your BC U-Pass.


What is the U-Pass?

The U-Pass BC is a discounted, unlimited transit pass available to eligible students. The result of successful advocacy from your Students’ Union and student associations across Metro Vancouver. The U-Pass is an agreement between Translink, the provincial government and all students’ associations across Metro Vancouver. The U-Pass BC program is structured as a universal and mandatory program for students at participating public post-secondary institutions. This universal model makes the affordability of the U-Pass BC program possible, saving those who rely on it up to $577 a semester.

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Who is eligible?

Eligible students are SUVCC members and fit within the following categories:

  1. Students in programs and courses for which a T2202A (tax form) is issued (subject to a minimum number of course credits/tuition)
  2. Students in Adult Basic Education and English as an Additional Language (includes LINC and ESL Pathways) for 12 hours/week or more, or are
  3. Students in Continuing Studies programs that meet the following criteria:
    • the program is full-time and longer than 17 weeks
    • the program’s classes are scheduled in such a way as to permit students reasonable (e.g., 4 hours per week) access to the SUVCC office during their hours of operation.

Who is not eligible?

The following students are NOT eligible to participate in the U-Pass program:

  1. Continuing Studies students NOT enrolled in eligible Continuing Studies courses

Please note that activated U-Pass months cannot be dropped.

Frequently asked questions:

Other frequently asked questions

For other frequently asked questions visit VCC’s U-Pass BC page.

How to load your U-Pass

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