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Vancouver Community College to hike tuition fees

VANCOUVER–Students were angered to learn that Vancouver Community College intends to increase tuition fees by more than $1,000 for some programs.


“Student debt is higher than ever in our province’s history and Vancouver Community College is going to make that problem worse,” sad Sara Bigler, Chairperson of the Students’ Union of Vancouver Community College. “Paying an extra $1,000 for school next year is going to break the bank for many hard working young people.”


Tuition fees have increased every year for 14 years at Vancouver Community College. Student debt has hit record new highs annually for several years. British Columbia is tied for the highest interest rate on student loans, and is the only province without a non-repayable student grants program.


In setting tuition fees for the coming academic year, Vancouver Community College investigated tuition fee rates of local private colleges. Though students will be paying significantly more, the fee increases will not be accompanied by improved services.


“Though meant to serve the most in-need, Vancouver Community College is already unaffordable for many families,” said Bigler. “Increasing tuition fees is going to stop the most marginalised people in the Lower Mainland from attaining an education.”


The Students’ Union of Vancouver Community College represents all students of Vancouver Community College and is a member of the British Columbia Federation of Students.




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